Hedging Plants

Hedging plants can form an attractive boundary to your garden and are a great alternative to the more expensive fence panel. They are easy to plant and will establish quickly into a structure, they can also be great for wildlife and nesting birds. Our webshop has only a small selection of the hedging plants that we grow. For our full range and many alternative hedging plants, please visit your local branch of Thompson's.

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Need Help With Your Planting?

Whether you're planting your Aucuba japonica RozanniePhotinia x fraseri Red Robin or Viburnum tinus Eve Price, by following a few simple steps, you'll be giving your plants the best possible start to life in your garden.

  • Dig the hole a little deeper than the size of the container and twice as wide.

  • Loosen the soil in the hole so that it is crumbly.

  • Mix a small amount of good-quality multipurpose compost into the hole.

  • Remove the plant from the pot and gently tease out a few of the roots.

  • Place your plant in the hole making sure you don't bury the stem.

  • Refill the hole with a mixture of soil and multipurpose compost.

  • Firm the soil around the plant, making sure you don't press down on the root ball.

  • Water well, and keep well watered in the first season whilst it establishes itself.

Planting Step-By-Step Guides



If you need any other assistance with your garden plants, then please get in touch. Our experts are always on hand to answer your questions. Mail us at [email protected].