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When it comes to caring for the vibrant birdlife around us, Thompson's has you covered with an extensive range of bird feed that will turn your outdoor space into a haven for feathered friends. Encourage more birds into your garden by providing them with a good, regular source of food. From nuts to seeds, Mealworms to nibbles we have an extensive selection of bird food to suit every garden bird. Visit your local Thompson's branch or explore our webshop to find an array of options that cater to the diverse tastes of our avian companions.

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How to get more birds in your garden

By using a bird table or feeding station, you create a designated area that birds can easily locate. This promotes regular visits, allowing you to observe and enjoy the diverse birdlife in your surroundings. It also facilitates easy maintenance, as you can clean and refill the feeding station with ease, contributing to the overall health and well-being of the avian community in your garden.

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Bird Feed options at Thompson's Plant Centre

  • Fatty Snacks: Packed with nutritious ingredients, these snacks are designed to support the health and well-being of the birds that frequent your garden. From suet balls to mealworms, our selection ensures that your garden becomes a destination for a wide array of bird species.
  • Playful Treats: For a touch of fun in your feathered oasis, try our playful food options, including delightful coconut balls.  Watching them indulge in these unique and entertaining treats will surely bring joy to your outdoor space.
  • Seed and Nut Mixtures: Carefully crafted to cater to the dietary preferences of various bird species, these mixtures provide a gourmet feast for your avian visitors. From sunflower seeds to peanuts, our blends are sure to attract a colourful assortment of birds to your garden.

Bird Feed, Feeding Stations and Nest Boxes at Thompson's

At Thompson's, we understand that creating a bird-friendly environment involves more than just offering delectable food. Enhance your garden's appeal to birds by exploring our collection of feeding stations, nest boxes, and bird tables. Visit your local plant centre or conveniently shop online to purchase all your bird care essentials. Transform your outdoor space into a bird haven with Thompson's, where every purchase supports a thriving and harmonious ecosystem.

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