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Successfully grow fruit and vegetables in your garden. Make sure you give your fruit and veg everything they need by choosing the right compost. At Thompsons's we have a great range of compost suitable for growing all types of fruit and veg, from grow bags to organic or peat free compost. Choose from our range below.

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Home-grown fruit and vegetables

Fruit & Veg Compost is a specially formulated type of compost designed to provide the ideal growing conditions for home-grown fruit and vegetable plants. This compost is enriched with nutrients and minerals that are essential for the healthy growth of edible crops. Unlike regular compost, Fruit & Veg Compost often contains a balanced mix of organic matter, such as composted bark or garden waste, and sometimes added fertiliser to boost nutrient levels. This makes it particularly suitable for fruits and vegetables, which require rich, fertile soil to produce bountiful yields of tasty and nutritious produce.

How to use compost for fruit and vegetables?

To use Fruit & Veg Compost effectively, start by incorporating it into your garden beds or containers where you plan to grow your fruit and vegetables.

  • If you're using containers, you can use the compost as the sole growing medium, filling the pots to just below the rim to allow for watering.
  • For garden beds, mix the Fruit & Veg Compost into the top layer of your existing soil to improve its structure and fertility. 

This can be done a few weeks before you plant your seeds or seedlings, giving the compost time to integrate and start enhancing the soil's properties.

Growing fruit on your balcony

With the use of containers, hanging baskets, and vertical gardening techniques, you can transform your balcony into a mini-green oasis. Choose dwarf or compact varieties of plants that are well-suited to container growing, such as cherry tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, and salad greens. Ensure your pots have good drainage and use high-quality compost, like Fruit & Veg Compost, to give your plants the best start. With regular watering, sunlight, feeding, and a bit of care, you'll be amazed at how much produce you can harvest from your very own balcony garden.

When to use compost on my fruit and vegetable plants?

The best time to use Fruit & Veg Compost is at the beginning of the growing season, just before you plant your crops. This ensures that the plants have access to the nutrients they need from the moment they start growing, promoting strong root development and healthy growth. Additionally, it's beneficial to add a fresh layer of compost around your plants as a top dressing partway through the growing season. This can help to replenish nutrients that have been used up and support continued growth and fruiting. Remember, healthy soil is the foundation of a successful fruit and vegetable garden, and using Fruit & Veg Compost is a great way to achieve this.

Need some plants to go with your compost?

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