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Provide birds with a safe place to shelter and nest with our selection of wooden nest boxes. To see our full, extensive range, visit your local branch of Thompson's where you find everything you need to cater for all types of birds.

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Is a next box the same as a bird house?

Nest boxes, also known as birdhouses, play a crucial role in providing shelter and a safe haven for birds to nest, lay eggs, and raise their young. These boxes mimic natural nesting sites, ensuring the well-being of various bird species. Our collection includes snuggle boxes, birch nest boxes, and innovative bee honeycomb nest boxes, each designed to cater to different bird preferences and nesting habits.

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The best spot for a nest box

Placing a nest box in the right location is essential to attract and encourage nesting birds. Consider mounting the box at a height that is safe from predators, yet easily accessible for cleaning and monitoring. Facing the entrance away from prevailing winds and providing some shade during the hottest part of the day will ensure a comfortable environment for nesting birds. It's also advisable to position the box near a natural food source, such as trees or flowering plants.

Thompson's Selection of Nest Boxes

Explore our extensive range of nest boxes at your local Thompson's branch or browse our webshop for a glimpse of our collection. From charming snuggle boxes for smaller birds to elegant birch nest boxes and innovative bee honeycomb designs, we have options to suit every garden and bird enthusiast's taste.

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Thompson's offers a comprehensive selection of bird care essentials. Enhance your bird-friendly haven with our quality feeding stations, a variety of bird feeds tailored to different species, and sturdy bird tables. Visit your local plant centre to explore our full range or conveniently shop online to bring the joys of birdwatching to your doorstep.