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Provide garden birds with a regular source of food with this selection of bird feeding stations and watch them flock to your garden. There's a feeder for every bird food from nuts to seed and tasty nibbles. We have an extensive selection at Thompson's Garden Centres, visit us in store for the full range.

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Helping birds with a feeding station

At the heart of a bird lover's garden is the feeding station – a strategic setup designed to provide nourishment and attract a variety of avian visitors. But what exactly does a feeding station do? Essentially, it acts as a central hub for dispensing bird feed, offering a designated space where our feathered friends can feast. Whether it's a bird table or a dedicated feeding station, the goal is to create a reliable and accessible source of sustenance for birds.

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Thompson's range of Feeding Stations

  • Nutty Ball Feeders: Thompson's nutty ball feeders are a delightful addition to any garden. These charming feeders are filled with a mix of nuts and seeds, providing a nutritious treat that will surely entice a variety of birds. Hang them from a branch or a dedicated hook, and watch as the vibrant colours of visiting birds bring your garden to life.
  • Flick 'n Click Feeders: For those who appreciate simplicity and convenience, our Flick 'n Click feeders are the perfect choice. Easy to refill and clean, these feeders make the process of bird feeding a breeze. Simply flick open, fill with your preferred bird feed, and click shut – it's as easy as that! Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature without the fuss.
  • Treats for Every Garden Visitor: Our commitment to wildlife extends beyond just birds. The squirrel snack box, for example, is a charming addition to your garden, providing a designated space for our bushy-tailed friends to enjoy a tasty treat. Bring harmony to your outdoor space by catering to the diverse needs of the local wildlife.

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Elevate your bird care experience by exploring Thompson's extensive range of products. From an assortment of bird feeds to nest boxes and bird tables, we have everything you need to create a haven for feathered friends in your garden. Visit your local Thompson's plant centre for expert advice or browse our webshop for a convenient online shopping experience. Make your garden a sanctuary for birds with Thompson's – where bird care meets excellence.

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