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Salvias are a fast growing, easy to grow, popular plant that offers a host of colours in both annual and perennial varieties. They’re upright spikes produce tubular, often two toned, lipped flowers that bloom for a long period in Summer, right through to early Autumn.

The flowers are very distinctive with an upper and lower lip borne on a dense flower spike. One of the most popular varieties we sell here at Thompson’s is Salvia Hot Lips, which as you can gather by the name, looks like a pair of lips. The bedding varieties are smaller and more compact, whilst the Perennial varieties can grow as much as 2 meters in height.

Salvias can be divided into different categories, with many species and cultivars to choose from.

  • Bedding – Flowering throughout summer, ideal for you borders, pots and baskets. Smaller plants that are frost-tender and will only last for the season.
  • Border salvias – Mostly herbaceous perennials, they will happily grow in your garden for many years without needing protection of Winter
  • Culinary salvias – edible, aromatic cultivars of sage and rosemary.

About the Salvia

Salvias will love a sunny spot in your garden, ideally with a bit of shelter. Plant in well-drained soil that retains some moisture. They are well-suited to south-facing borders and can be used in many areas of your garden including a gravel garden, raised beds, coastal garden, or as part of a mixed perennial border.


Salvias are a drought tolerant plant, but after planting they need to be watered thoroughly whilst they establish. Once they have bedded in, the perennial varieties will need less watering, they develop a good root system that will enable them to live for many years in your garden.

If you’re planting Salvias in containers or pots, they can dry out quickly, particularly on a warm Summers day.

Why Buy Me?

  • Loves a sunny position with well-drained soil
  • Ideal for growing in pots, beds or borders
  • A vast choice of colours
  • Drought-tolerant once established
  • Attractive to pollinators, such as bees
  • Easy to grow, with low maintenance

Varieties Sold at Thompson's

Here at Thompson’s we sell a fantastic range of Salvia. During April, May & June you’ll find the bedding Salvia, with their bright colours perfect for bringing instant impact to your garden. Our Perennial Salvias are sold almost year round, with a huge choice of varieties, so why not add a selection to your garden.

  • Salvia Blush Pink
  • Salvia Cherry Lips
  • Salvia Icing Sugar
  • Salvia Love & Wishes
  • Salvia Hot Lips (Our most popular variety!)
  • Salvia Royal Bumble

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