Plant of the Month May

Lavender are one of our most popular plants here at Thompson’s Garden Centre. This aromatic plant is easy to grow and is drought tolerant for those warmer summers. It’s a plant that lives long in the garden and combines really well with other shrubs and perennial plants in your borders and flower beds. Lavenders are well known for their masses of flowers in summer that produce a wonderful fragrance in your garden. There’s nothing better than brushing past them and releasing a waft of scent that fills the air.

English or French Lavender?

There are two types of Lavender. Cultivars of the English lavender include angustifolia and x. intermedia. French lavender is the cultivar stoechas. English Lavender is more hardy than it’s French counterpart, so will survive better in the colder winter weather. It is also said to be a more appealing, sweeter fragrance than the French variety. French Lavender has a stronger fragrance which make it a popular choice, but it really is personal preference.

Lavender Helps to Attract Wildlife

All lavenders are popular with bees, butterflies and other pollinators, so filling your garden with them will provide a major source of nectar. Good varieties for bees include Lavender Hidcote, Gros Bleu, Melissa Lilac and Imperial Gem.

Where to Plant Lavender

Lavender are extremely versatile, you can plant them in many areas of your garden including borders, containers & pots on the patio, along pathways, balconies, in the front garden or the back. They’re happy in in a sunny border with well-drained, chalky or sandy soil and can be used in gravel themed gardens, coastal, cottage garden or mediterranean style, the choice is yours.

Why Buy Lavender

  • Easy to grow shrub
  • Flowers in late spring and summer
  • Evergreen foliage, usually silver-grey or grey-green
  • Likes a sunny spot in the garden is drought tolerant
  • Many types are hardy, but avoid planting in cold, damp spots
  • Prune annually to keep compact
  • Easy to propagate from cuttings
  • Leaves and flowers used for drying
  • Attractive to bees and other pollinating insects

At Thompson’s, we like to grow our own plants, which means we can offer our customers more varieties to choose from, so come along to your local branch of Thompson’s and see for yourself.


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