Plant of the month January

Our plant of the month for January 2024 is Mahonia. This beautiful shrub is a real eye catcher for your garden borders and provides some much needed interest in the winter months.


About the Mahonia

Mahonia have shiny, dark green leaves that are spikey and upright. They have attractive clusters or spikes of fragrant, bright yellow flowers during the winter months and early part of spring. An evergreen, versatile shrub that is quite happy in most conditions, although it would prefer a moist soil type that is well drained. Works best in partial shade but would also tolerate full sun or complete shade.

Mahonia are a low maintenance shrub, they won't need constant attention, they'll be perfectly happy with a yearly feed and light prune once in a while to keep them in check.

Mahonia will grow to a height and spread of around 2 meters

Why Buy Mahonia?

  • Grow well in most soil types
  • Low maintenance
  • Attractive spikes of flowers
  • Fragrant
  • Great for winter interest in your garden

At Thompson’s, we like to grow our own plants, which means we can offer our customers more varieties to choose from, so come along to your local branch of Thompson’s and see for yourself. Don't forget you can order your Mahonia from our webshop.

Come along to your local Thompson’s and see for yourselves. Don’t forget we have an ever-expanding range of plants available to purchase on our webshop.

You can find our locations right here.

Top tip

  • Mahonias like regular, deep watering while they establish, although avoid over watering.
  • Mulching around roots will help in freezing temperatures
  • Feed in spring with slow release fertiliser
  • Not suitable for containers
  • Prune once a year to keep in check and nicely shaped

Varieties sold at Thompson's Garden Centre

The varieties we have for sale here at Thompson’s are:

  • Mahonia x media Charity
  • Mahonia x media Winter Sun
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