Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Tree Care

Please read Thompson's Christmas Tree Care carefully. With the proper care, you will be enjoying your Christmas tree for as long as possible. Keep your tree look fresh and fabulous with Thompson's Christmas Tree Care tips. Before you buy a Christmas tree, it's essential to know you should handle it with care. It doesn't mind if you're purchasing a cut or a potted Christmas tree; all trees need a little maintenance to keep their shiny glow until after Christmas. 

Top 5 Christmas tree care tips

Bringing Christmas trees indoors for the holiday season is one of the first things you do when decorating your house. Please be aware that Christmas trees are living trees that need to be handled with care to maintain their beauty. Carefully follow our top 5 Christmas Tree Care Tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh for long.

  1. Before you bring your tree inside, saw a couple of centimetres (1inch) off of the base of your tree.
  2. Allowing your tree to stand in a bucket of water overnight will help it absorb the water and retain its freshness.
  3. Give your tree a good tap on its base before bringing it inside. This will get rid of any loose leaves.
  4. Make sure you regularly water your tree at the base. A good tree stand will hold a water reservoir; topping this up will keep it in better condition for longer.
  5. Keep your tree away from direct heat. This is essential for prolonging the life of your tree. If your home is too hot, your tree will deteriorate quickly.

Christmas tree stand

Thompson's Garden Centre stocks a wide range of tree stands to safely and sturdy place your Christmas tree inside. We offer different tree stands to keep your tree in the right place. You can choose from:

  • Traditional 4 and 5 inch Christmas tree stands with a sturdy stand and four screws to keep the trunk in place.
  • Cinco classic tree stands that are provided with a water tank to store freshwater. Twist the steel bolts to clamp and hold the tree in the correct position. The Cinco tree stands have a water reservoir with a capacity of up to 7 litres. Quickly fill the water reservoir when the water level has come down to beneath the trunk. 
  • Quick Stand 8 Easy Christmas Tree Stand with a diameter of 40 cm. No screws or bolts. The water reservoir has a 4-litre capacity. This tree stand can hold up to trunks with a maximum size of 11.4cm (4.5"). This tree stand is safe and quick with its easy push-in system. 

Buy Christmas trees online

Order your favourite Christmas Tree online at Thompson's and choose click and collect from our four locations in Chislehurst, Newchurch, Petham or Welling. We have various tree types available, like Nordmann Firs, Norway Spruces, Blue Spruces and Serbian Spruces. Choose your Christmas tree with our handy guide. Please enter our webshop to purchase a Christmas Tree online or visit one of our garden centres to see our assortment. We wish you a jolly Christmas and a happy New Year!

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