Carbon Neutral Christmas Tree Nursery

Carbon footprint is the amount of emissions and greenhouse gases produced by humans whilst doing their daily activities, making or consuming a product. Our carbon footprint is measured in emission of CO2.

Research has shown that a natural Christmas tree has a 3.5kg CO2 carbon footprint compared to 40kg of a plastic tree. If that real tree is recycled in the appropriate way after Christmas, this figure reduced further.

Did you know that 1 Christmas tree in the ground releases enough clean oxygen for at least 18 people? So our 130-acre Christmas tree farm with close to 100,000 trees on it is really benefitting the environment.

Carbon Neutral Christmas Tree Nursery - Thompson's

Thompson’s are members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association. Its members all share the same ethos of the sustainable farming of Christmas trees. By buying locally from a British Christmas tree grower, you will significantly reduce not only your carbon footprint, but also keep emissions to a minimum. Research has found that a real Christmas tree has a much smaller carbon footprint and therefore better for the environment that an artificial tree. Your real tree is also 100% recyclable after Christmas, and if you purchase a potted tree, it can be replanted in your own garden and enjoyed all year round!