Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

Freshly Cut Christmas Trees

At Thompsons we aim to be able to supply all of our Christmas trees from our very own nursery. By growing our own trees we can ensure that we only sell a good quality, freshly cut Christmas tree to our customers.

To help you decide what tree to buy this year, here's our range of trees and sizes.Cut tree are available from 16th November at all our garden centres, containerised trees available from 6th November.

Nordman Fir

It's one of the best trees to use as a Christmas tree because it retains its needles well after it's been cut. It also forms a shapely tree that is not too bushy and has aromatic dark green foliage. It has more open growth than other trees. Sizes from 3ft up to 12ft.

Norway Spruce

One of the most popular varieties, this traditional tree is found in many a home at Christmas. Although not needle fast, it will have minimal needle loss if kept well watered and away from direct heat sources. An ideal tree for indoor displays with sizes ranging from 3ft to 12ft.

Blue Spruce

This has a wonderful blue hue and minimal needledrop. Water well and keep away from direct heat. Only available as a containerised tree 3-4ft in size.

Serbian Spruce

A long term favourite in central Europe. It is a slightly more narrower evergreen, so will fit into those smaller spaces in your living room. Young bark is an orange- red colour with shiny dark green needles. Only available as a containerised tree 3-4ft in size

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