Roses near Canterbury

Looking for roses near Canterbury? Thompson’s Plants has the best roses near Canterbury in our wonderful collection that is focused on variety − variety in colour (red roses, pink roses, blue roses, yellows and many more) and plant type (climber roses, rambler roses, shrub roses, scented roses, and many more). This makes our garden centre the best place for rose lovers in Canterbury and all the other areas around.

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The variety in our displays of roses near Canterbury

Variety allows us to keep virtually all of our customers happy and satisfied. With such a broad range of options, we are making sure anybody walking into our premises looking for roses gets exactly what they are looking for. Whether it is a matter of filling a particular patch of your garden plot with a specific hue of roses or finding something for your trellis without compromising on your love of roses, you can find your perfect rose plants near Canterbury in our premises:

  • Climber roses and rambler roses come in quite a few options and are quite popular. Residents of Canterbury love climbers with their beautifully designer gardens. While our climber roses near Canterbury are a great choice if you are looking for something to cover prominent features of your garden architecture, like walls or arches. Similarly, rambler roses near Canterbury grow in an outburst of small flowers and can swiftly cover big structures, like sheds and garages.
  • As with shrubs of any other kind, when you buy shrub roses near Canterbury, you will see they grow fast and make their presence known quite fast. They are free-flowering plants and, if you plant a couple of shrubs of roses together, they will become the life of your garden with their wonderfully coloured flowers and fragrances.
  • Speaking of roses with fragrance, naturally scented roses come in just about all forms, including climbers, groundcover and more, but they are most common among shrub roses. You can buy a range of scented roses near Canterbury whenever you visit our premises.
  • Finding patio roses near Canterbury is also quite convenient when you visit Thompson’s Plants Garden Centre. We keep a large variety of container roses, like the very much loved pink Gentle Touch and the pearl white Diamond. Roses in containers can decorate your patio with the majestic presence of roses.
  • Our groundcover roses near Canterbury are also very popular because they provide garden owners in the city the perfect excuse to fill large portions of their flowerbeds with expansive growths of roses. If you buy them in varying colours, you can turn the exercise of covering your garden floor into a beautiful experiment of many-coloured roses dancing in the wind.

Know why our Garden Roses near Canterbury are the best

Those are just the most popular types of roses we keep in our nurseries. However, such enviable variety is not the only reason why garden owners in Canterbury and surrounding towns prefer us over other nurseries when it comes to their roses and other plants. As a family-owned business of nature lovers and avid gardeners, we have always given a lot of importance to the way our plants are grown. We make sure all of our displays of roses near Canterbury contain plants that have been grown on our premises with our choice of soil, fertiliser and nutrition. With our expert care, the plants we grow to sell are always fresher and more vibrant than any you will buy from a nursery where most plants are put into stock from other facilities.

Talk to our Rose experts near Canterbury

When you visit our nursery near Canterbury, you should talk to our rose experts before you choose them for your garden and patio. Our experts are dedicated gardeners themselves and love dispensing advice to our visitors. Tell them about your garden layout and your preferences for the roses you want to buy. With this information, they will be able to point you in the right direction without you getting lost in our endless displays. They will save you time and money by helping you find the best fit for your garden and needs. Read more about roses on our website and keep them blooming!

Visit us and buy your roses near Canterbury from one of our nurseries!

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