Perennials near Ashford

Having perennials near Ashford for your garden is remarkably simple now. All you have to do is drive down to our garden centre near Ashford and get all the perennials you would ever want to have in your garden. We have a complete range of perennial plants available near Welling: hardies, tenders, and all the other kinds. Also, please take a look at our beautiful house plants.

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Our variety of Perennials near Ashford

Perennials are wonderful plants, all year long. They bring a lot of colours and fragrances to the garden but what makes them valuable is the fact that they keep flowering and giving fruit in their annual season many times over. Since there is a lot of demand for perennials in Ashford gardens, we make sure our inventory is well-stocked and our customers can get all types of perennial plants they want.

  • Hardy perennials are the toughest type of perennial plants. They can survive the cold and frost of English winters. However, some of them have higher endurance than others. So, you have to be careful about which ones you get for your garden depending on which part of the country you live in. We stock some of the toughest and most popular hardy perennials near Ashford in our garden centre, including Buggleweed, Yarrow, Hollyhock, Blue Star, and Lady’s Mantle.
  • Herbaceous perennials are sneaky. If you do not know your herbaceous perennial plants, they can trick you in believing they are done after a season. That is because this type of perennial shows all signs of having deceased except their roots stay intact and alive, and they come back to life in the following season. Interestingly, the most common perennials are often herbaceous. Our popular herbaceous perennials near Ashford include Daisies, Peonies, Salvia, and Columbines.
  • Woody perennials are simply shrubs and trees. These are the kinds of plants that have a strong shaft and branches and do not lose even the appearance of their form after one season. Year after year they keep giving flowers and fruit. Our displays of woody perennials near Ashford have many fruit trees and shrubs.
  • Semi-woody perennials are not so woody in comparison. Nevertheless, they have a woody base and often grow a stem. Our most popular semi-woody perennials near Ashford include Rosemary and Lavender.
  • Tender perennials do not have the endurance to survive an English winter out in the open. If you want to keep a tender perennial overwinter, you will need to provide them with appropriate shelter and a lot of care during the rough season. Our most popular tender perennials near Ashford include Begonias, Caladiums, and Calla Lilies because they can survive winter indoors most of the day.

Bringing the best Perennial Plants to your garden near Ashford

You have to visit our nursery near Ashford to get the best collection of perennials for your garden. We are keen on making sure all of our perennials are locally grown, which means most of them are grown in our nurseries with specialised care and high-quality feed, none of our plants is bought from other parts of the country to be sold to our customers in Ashford. Our focus on quality is never compromised and we offer three years guarantee for our hardy perennials.

Visit our Garden Centre near Ashford for your Perennials

When you visit our garden centre, you should talk to our experts about the best options for perennials for your garden. They will point you to the perfect plants and save you a lot of time and money.

Visit us soon to get all your perennials near Ashford!

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