Sand & Grits

If you're looking for materials that provide excellent drainage and stability, our selection of sand and grits is perfect for you. These fine-grained substances are ideal for levelling surfaces, filling in gaps, and creating a solid foundation for various applications such as paving, bricklaying, and even playgrounds.

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How to use sand and grits in your garden?

Sand and grits are versatile materials that can bring a new level of functionality and beauty to your garden. Whether you're looking to enhance a traditional, modern, or natural garden style, incorporating sand and grits can greatly upgrade your outdoor space.

Using sand and grits in a traditional garden

In a traditional garden, sand and grits can be utilised for pathways and patio areas. Create a charming pathway that meanders through your garden using sand as a base and filling the gaps with fine grits. This combination not only adds a classic touch but also provides a stable surface for walking. Additionally, sand and grits can be used to create a traditional garden chessboard or to outline the edges of flower beds, giving a refined and structured look.

Create a natural look with sand and grits

In a natural or rustic garden, sand and grits can be used to mimic the appearance of a dry riverbed. Create a meandering pathway using sand as a base and larger-sized grits to represent the rocks found in a riverbed. This adds a naturalistic touch and blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. You can also use sand and grits as a top dressing for succulent gardens or to create a sandy seating area, evoking a beach-like atmosphere.

How to use sand and grits in a modern garden?

For a sleek and contemporary garden style, sand and grits can be used to create minimalist design elements. Consider using fine sand as a ground cover around potted plants, providing a clean and uniform look. Alternatively, use larger grits or pebbles in geometric patterns to construct a modern rock garden. These materials add texture and visual interest to the garden while maintaining a modern aesthetic.