Pebbles & Cobbles

For a more natural and organic feel, our pebbles and cobbles are the ideal choice. These smooth, rounded stones come in a variety of sizes and colours, and they can be used for multiple purposes. From creating stunning water features and garden borders to adding a unique touch to pots and planters, pebbles and cobbles offer endless possibilities for creativity.

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Using pebbles and cobbles in your garden

Pebbles and cobbles are versatile landscaping materials that can instantly upgrade your garden and add a touch of natural beauty. With their smooth and rounded shapes, they bring a sense of tranquillity and elegance to outdoor spaces.

Coastal-themed garden

In a coastal-themed garden, pebbles and cobbles evoke the feeling of a beach or shoreline. Use a mix of different-sized pebbles and cobbles in soft, sandy tones to create pathways or borders. Arrange them to resemble the natural drift patterns found along the coast.

Additionally, pebbles and cobbles can be used as accents around water features or to create a decorative beach area within the garden.


What exactly is slate?

Slate is a metamorphic rock that forms from the compression of clay and shale over millions of years. It is primarily composed of minerals such as quartz, mica, chlorite, and hematite. This composition gives slate its characteristic layered structure and smooth, fine-grained texture. Slate is known for its unique colours, ranging from deep blues and greys to earthy greens and purples.

Harmonious design with pebbles and cobbles

Pebbles and cobbles play a significant role in traditional Japanese gardens. Use them to create dry riverbeds or gravel gardens, known as karesansui. Arrange the pebbles and cobbles in intricate patterns to represent water flow or natural landscapes. Additionally, you can use larger cobbles as stepping stones across moss or gravel beds, creating a harmonious and meditative atmosphere.