Plant of the month February

What better way to brighten your garden in the early part of Spring, than with the Primrose.

This brightly coloured, versatile plant is great in all positions of your garden, including tubs, baskets and in window boxes. It can even be put in your indoor baskets, as long as it's kept in a cool position. It is also repeat flowering and will flower every year.

About the Primorose

Locally grown at our very own nursery, we offer a whole host of colour choices and combinations to inject an extra bit of brightness into any garden. Peaches and pinks, pastel shades, red, orange, pure white, cream, burgundy, light blue just to name but a few. Then there's mixed bicolours (that are a mixture of two tone flowers. i.e. blue with a white middle, pink with a white middle and red with a yellow middle), and not forgetting golden oranges plus a traditional cream colour. There's a colour to suit everyone's tastes.

Commonly known as Primula Vulgaris, Primroses are a great sign of Spring as their bright colours can light up any garden. Flowering from December until May, they are a great way of brightening up your garden during the dull Winter months, fillings baskets, tubs and borders with their vibrant colours.

Why Buy Primroses?

  • Vibrant colours
  • Brighten a Winter Garden
  • Versatile, can be used in pots, tubs, baskets and the borders
  • Long flowering period
  • Great value

At Thompson’s, we like to grow our own plants, which means we can offer our customers more varieties to choose from, so come along to your local branch of Thompson’s and see for yourself. Don't forget you can order Primroses from our webshop.

Top tips

  • Deadhead them regularly for repeat flowering
  • Grow well in most soil types
  • Plant alongside Spring bulbs for great colour combinations
  • They thrive in partial shade

To see the full range of Primrose colours, please visit your local branch of Thompson's, or shop online for our more popular varieties.

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