Plant of the Month February

Thompson's February plant of the month is the Euphorbia

Euphorbia are a very large and diverse genus of flowering plants, commonly known as Spurge. Many are known for their early summer flowers, with yellow, green, and bright orange shades amongst fresh foliage, that provides a vibrant contrast to other perennials in your borders.

Euphorbias are an easy to grow perennial, they are tough and will thrive in all areas of your garden. They grow in most soil types as long as it is fertile and well drained. Once established, they are quite self sufficient.

Some Euphorbia are tall, some are low growing and creeping, but most Euphorbia like a sunny spot in the garden. The taller growing varieties such as Euphorbia Mellifera are better placed towards the back of a border, whilst the low growing Euphorbia Robbiae will provide great ground cover.

Top Tips

  • Each year in early Spring, spread mulch around them or a well rotted manure. This will help them continue to thrive.
  • Euphorbia can cause skin irritation, so please use gloves when handling them.

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