Plant of the Month - November

Plant of the Month - November

Skimmia japonica are a compact, evergreen shrub that make a great choice for borders and patio containers, providing colour and interest all year round.

They prefer a position in shade and can even tolerate positions in deep shade. Make sure you  avoid planting in full sun as it can cause the leaves to turn yellow. Skimmia can be planted at just about any time of year but avoid planting when the soil is frozen solid, waterlogged or extremely dry. They are very easy to look after and rarely need much in the way of care and attention once established.

The two varieties we have for sale here at Thompson’s are Skimmia japonica Rubella, and japonica Reevesiana. 'Rubella' is a male clone bearing rosettes of glossy, aromatic leaves. The evergreen foliage is punctuated by red buds that look particularly striking during November. Come Spring there will be an explosion of potent, fragrant white blossoms appearing. This trouble free shrub is tough and long-lasting making it ideal for beginners and those with less experience in gardening.

Skimmia japonica Reevesiana is a female variety, that produces berries without the need for a male growing nearby to pollinate it. It has crimson fruits that last throughout the winter, and will produce white flowers in May.

Why Buy Skimmia?

  • Year round interest
  • Likes a shaded spot in your garden
  • Easy to look after
  • Tough & long lasting
  • Can be grown in borders or in pots

At Thompson’s we like to grow our own plants, which means we can offer our customers more varieties to choose from, so come along to your local branch of Thompson’s and see for yourself. Don't forget you can order your Skimmia from our web shop.

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