Top 5 best plants for scent

Top 5 best plants for scent

These top 5 best plants for scent will ensure your garden is full of fragrance throughout the year and your senses are fulfilled with the gorgeous aroma of nature. Many plants have a wonderful fragrance, and which ones you choose to grow in your garden can come down to your soil and aspect and your personal preference for the scent. For example, there are many roses, each with a different aroma that may appeal to one person more than another. Take the time to research the various scents to know you will be enjoying both a plant and a smell you will love. Here are our recommendations: 

Plants for scent

  1. Night Scented Stock 

This hardy annual fills the garden with fragrance in the evening. So when you are sitting in your garden on a summer evening, Night Scented Stock will fill the air and your senses. Sow seeds near to where you will sit or where you leave a window open so you can fully enjoy the fragrance. Try growing in containers or window boxes along with other colourful annuals. 

  1. Sarcococca

This is a winter-flowering shrub that is a true delight when not much else is flowering during the colder months of the year. The white flowers have an incredible sweet honey scent and will be surrounded by dark green leaves and later berries. It's an excellent shrub for beneficial insects and easy to grow. 

  1. Gardenia 

The Gardenia is perhaps one of the most well known fragrant plants. Gardenia is as graceful as it is fragrant. The bright white flowers not only smell lovely, but the flowers are simply stunning. They will be in full bloom from summer to early autumn and can be grown in containers or borders as long as they are situated in a sheltered position. 

  1. Honeysuckle

The intoxicating scent of the Honeysuckle is known and loved by many. This climbing plant grows perfectly up a trellis, arch or pergola, and if positioned near a seating area, the scent is perfect for putting your feet up and breathing in the sweet fragrance. There are many Honeysuckles to choose from, including orange and pink colours to cream and yellow, so you can pick one that suits your garden. 

  1. Nemesia

This annual has made it to the list due to the many different colours and scents you can discover. Best planted in a hanging basket or container; make sure yours are near a window, door or seating area because you will want to give them a sniff! Nemesia is available in various colours, from purple to pink, white to yellow. Discover Nemesia's fragrance of rhubarb to sugar that smells absolutely stunning. 

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