Let's Get Gardening

Let's Get Gardening

Let's Get Gardening

Here at Thompson's we want to encourage you to get out in your garden, and what better time than during the Spring & Summer months.

The hard work you put in over the coming months will pay off in the summer, when your garden will look beautifully colourful. There are so many plants you can plant in your garden, so we've done our best to highlight the essential plants for your garden. Our "Let's Get Gardening" theme will showcase those plants to you throughout our centres, making it easier for you to select the plants that are ideal for your garden right now! We'll also recommend the top gardening products that no garden should be without. Products that will help your garden grow, protect from pests and improve your lawns.

Plants to look out for in March

  • Primrose
  • Viola
  • Pansy
  • Narcissus tete a tete
  • Dianthus Pink Kisses

Gardening Essentials

  • Tomorite - Excellent for increasing all fruit & vegetable yields
  • Miracle-Gro Plant Food - Stronger plants and more flowers
  • Bonemeal - Use when planting for good root establishment
  • Toprose - Strong growth and bigger blooms
  • Slug Gone - A natural barrier against slugs and snails
  • Evergreen Complete - Thicker, healthier lawn

Follow the link below for what to do in the garden in March


Come and visit your local branch of Thompsons and "Let's Get Gardening"!