Gardening Kent

Gardening near Kent, whether you do it in a small garden in front of your patio or in a huge garden all around the house, is not an easy hobby to keep to. With a busy day at work, you cannot cope with the many needs of a big garden, which will require several hours every week just to stay clean and free of pests.

Assisting you with everything gardening near KentGardening Kent

We established Thompson’s Plants – a comprehensive garden centre with four separate nurseries – keeping in mind this kind of problems of our customers. We wanted to establish a garden centre where starting up gardeners as well as seasoned garden owners could equally find everything they wanted for their gardens. We wanted to make the hobby of gardening easy and convenient for gardeners in Kent and other towns around us.

So, we focused on making sure we took care of a great deal of problems you would every have related to plants, supplies, and expert advice:

  • When it comes to plants, our strategy has been to foremost supply all the plants popular in British gardens as well as others gardeners in Kent have been experimenting with. You will find all kinds of traditional plants in our stock, including the majestic Rose, the lively Geraniums, Tulips, Daffodils, Lavender, and everything in between, such as fruits, vegetables, bulbs, climbers, et cetera.
  • Similarly, we have always made sure our stock of gardening supplies provide our customers all they want. Some of the most popular items in our garden supplies category include containers for plants, soil fertilisers, watering cans, books about gardening, gardening tools, and night lights for the garden.
  • Since our garden centre is a family-owned business and is owned by passionate gardeners, the staff you find in our premises is also hand-picked and trained to help our visitors with expert opinions and guidance for what kinds of products will suit the visitor’s needs most.

Get expert advice about gardening near Kent

Speaking of expert advice, gardening near Kent has become quite easy, even for starting out gardeners, since we opened shop. With our staff, who are skilled in gardening themselves, available in the premises to assist our visitors, we have given new meaning to getting convenient expert advice about gardening.

During your visit, you can talk to our staff about any and every one of your gardening related problems. They will be happy to help. Discuss with them the layout of your garden so they can have a clear picture of what they are dealing with in their head. Once they have this information, they will not only be able to tell what plants and products will suit your garden best but also guide to the right displays within minutes, saving you a lot of time and finding you the best value for your money.

What's most important about being a gardener: one tip to rule them all

When it comes to gardening near Kent, or in any other place, for that matter, we always give our visitors one simple bit of advice: Give it time. You cannot expect your garden to be filled with various vibrantly colourful flowers dancing in the wind and filling it with enchanting aromas in a day. It takes a lot of time and consistent hard work to get that result―except if you buy several of our grown trees and plant them in your garden.  

Pick any one of our four locations, visit it soon, and get all the equipment and advice you will ever need for gardening near Kent. Read our online tips!