How to Plant Summer Bulbs

How to Plant Summer Bulbs

Bulbs are often associated with flowering in Spring, with the likes of Daffodils and Tulips being hugely popular, but there are plenty of bulbs that flower in the Summer months as well. By planning ahead and planting now, you can have a colourful burst of Summer flowering bulbs to enhance your garden.

February, March, April & May are the perfect time to plant your Summer bulbs. As the soil warms up in Spring, the bulbs will secretly grow underground, emerging from your garden when the Summer months arrive. They’re easy to plant and don’t take up much space.

How to plant Summer Bulbs

Most bulbs should be planted 3 times their depth, but it’s worth checking the packaging for specific planting details. Plant the bulbs with the pointed growing tip facing upwards. If the tip isn’t obvious then place the bulb on its side. Make sure the soil is well drained and not waterlogged as this can cause the bulbs to rot in the ground. When planting use Bulb Fibre compost mixed into the soil around the bulb, or a good quality multipurpose compost. If you need to improve drainage, add a handful of grit mixed in with the compost.

Where to Plant Summer Bulbs

Bulbs can be planted in your borders, lawns, containers or even hanging baskets. By planting in containers, you have added option of moving them around your garden so that they are in the best position. If planted below the surface of grass, make sure not to mow the planted area, let the grass grow wild, and the bulbs will find there way through creating a meadow like display.

Top Tips

  • Plant to a depth of 3 times the size of the bulb

  • Bulbs in containers need to be watered regularly as they begin to grow

  • Vary the planting depths to stagger the flowering periods

  • Plant with Bulb Fibre or a Multipurpose compost

  • Plant a colour scheme to suit your garden

Recommended Summer Flowering Bulbs

Lily – Large, Showy flower heads in vibrant colours, perfect for creating an eye catching display and a real favourite of gardeners.

Begonia – They look amazing when cascading out of the sides of a hanging basket. Large flowers with radiant colours

Freesia – Strong scent, vibrant colours with elegant flowers from mid to late Summer

Gladioli – These tall spikes of colour are essential Summer flowering bulbs.

Crocosmia – Masses of sword shaped foliage and brightly coloured blooms throughout Summer

Iris – An elegant bulb with a rainbow of colours to choose from

Dahlia – A Summer favourite due to their striking flowers that come in all shapes and sizes!


Plant Your Summer Bulbs Now!

We have an amazing selection of Summer flowering bulbs in stock at Thompson’s garden centre. We have all the popular varieties plus so much more! Here are a few of our recommended Summer flowering bulbs to plant, for the full range come and visit your local branch of Thompson’s Garden Centre.