Weed Control

Weed Control

How to stop weeds

Weeds can be controlled whenever they are troublesome, which is usually when they start grow in the spring and summer months, and in the right conditions for them, it doesn’t take long before they spring up everywhere! What can we do to stop them? There’s lots we can do to prevent weeds or kill them off, with a bit of advice and a few handy tips, your garden can be weed free, here’s how.

Natural Weed Control without Chemicals

Not everyone wants to use weed killers and chemicals on their garden, but weeds can be controlled without using such measures. A little bit of hard work and some organic measures can be used to kill, restrict and remove weeds in your garden

Manual Removal

Using a garden Hoe in your beds and borders will kill most weed seedlings. Turning the soil over and uprooting them leaves them exposed, particularly on a dry day where they dry out on the surface rather than re-rooting themselves.

Pulling weeds up by hand is most natural way to get weed of weeds. Set aside some time each week to pull up annual weeds or dig them out using a hand trowel or fork and your borders will soon look clear.  Perennial weeds will need the roots dug up as well to prevent re-growth and you will need to continue to pull up persistent weeds such as bindweed or couch grass. Think of it as regular exercise.

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Weed Barriers

Mulching your garden beds or borders with bark or wood chip around plants is a very efficient way of supressing the weeds. It’s ideal for decorative purposes, and helps with moisture retention in your garden. Make sure you clear the area fully before laying an inch or so of bark.

Weed suppressant fabrics or groundcover fabrics laid over recently cleared soil will supress re-growth and prevent new weeds establishing. Water will seep through the fabric and it will block growth without the need for chemicals.

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What Chemicals Should You Use?

If you need a helping hand getting rid of weeds, and you don’t mind using chemicals, then Thompson’s Garden Centre have all the essential weed killers you need, from ready to use sprays, to concentrate for your paths and driveways.

Paths, Patio & Driveways

If weeds are popping up along your paths, on your patio area or driveway then the quickest most cost effective way to get rid of them is to use a ready to use spray. Most weed killers are a systemic weed killer that kills weeds down to their roots, preventing them from growing back, and you see fast results when you the ready to use spray allows you to directly spray the weed.

For larger areas such as your driveway, then we would recommend you use a concentrate mix so that you can cover the whole area in one application.  You’ll need a separate watering can that you don’t use on your plants, so that you avoid contamination. Mix the concentrate with the require levels of water and coat the driveway in one go. Following this process twice a year will keep your driveway looking weed free.

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Lawn Weeds

If you’re having trouble with weeds in your lawn, then you need to use a specific lawn weed killer. Dandelions, daisies, clover and much more can all be treated with a ready to use spray that is specifically designed not to kill off surrounding areas of grass.

You can also use an all in one product like Evergreen complete which is a granular formula that helps to feed your lawn, kill weeds and moss whilst greening it up so it looks fantastic. It’s easy to apply and you can cover the whole lawn in one go. Expect to see results within a few weeks as the formula works its way into the soil gradually killing off weeds as it does.

Persistent Garden Weeds

There are many weeds that can crop up in your garden, some of which may be more established and harder to get rid of. Here at Thompson’s Garden Centre we have a great range of weed killers that will get rid of the toughest of weeds. So if you needs something specific or you just need a bit of advice, then pop in to your local branch of Thompson’s and we’ll help you find the right weed killer for your garden