How to Grow Strawberries

How to Grow Strawberries

Nothing beats the taste of home-grown strawberries, fresh from the garden, and you'll be pleased to know it's not that difficult to produce a tasty crop to pick from throughout Summer. You can grow them in hanging baskets, growbags, strawberry planters, as well as in the ground, and you don't need a big space to do so either! You can grow in a small Growhouse, on balconies or even a windowsill. 

How to Grow Strawberries

Choose a sheltered spot that gets plenty of sunshine to ensure you get an abundance of juicy fruits to pick from. You can use a Growbag to plant directly into, or prepare the soil in the ground with a well-rotted horse manure or compost. If the soil is rich in nutrients this will benefit the plant and you'll get a much better crop. Make sure you water regularly, especially when the sun is shinning, and regularly feed your strawberry plants with a high potash feed. We recommend using Tomorite plant feed.

What Strawberries Should I Grow

At Thompson's we do the hard part for you. We grow our crops of strawberries from small seedlings in a 9cm sized pot. At the start of April (Weather permitting), and once they're around 10cm in height, they are available on the garden centre for you to purchase. They're great value for money and ready to be planted! The varieties that we sell are:

  • Cambridge Favourite
  • Elsanta
  • Honeoye
  • Sonata

Strawberry Plant Care

It is important to water your strawberry plants regularly. Water the soil around the plant rather than the centre of the plant, as this will help to prevent mould. Use a general purpose fertiliser like Levington Growmore in early Spring, scattering around the plant base, this will give your plant the best possible start to its growth. Then use a high potash plant food like Tomorite, this will help to encourage flowering and fruit. You can feed every few weeks, making sure you follow the instructions on the packaging.

Protect your plants from any late frosts! Frost can still occur late into May, so to avoid damage, keep an eye on the weather forecast and cover with fleece.

Slugs & Snails do like a strawberry, so regularly check for intruders. Growhouses offer some protection, but you can also place straw around the fruit or use an organic pest control to keep them at bay. Birds will also pick at the fruit, so again, use a Growhouse or secure some netting around the plant to prevent them getting to the fruit.

Diseases to look out for include Grey Mould or Powdery Mildew. To help avoid these, water plants in the morning and avoid splashing the fruits. This will give the plant time to dry out in the sun and stay healthier. Keep the soil around your plant clear from any debris, where mould can form. Space your plants out so that they are not overcrowded, this will improve air flow. Make sure there is good drainage, particularly if you are growing in Growbags.

Harvesting Strawberries

The best time to harvest your Strawberries is when they are completely red. If you pick them too early they don't continue to ripen. Carefully pinch through the stalk to remove the fruit, storing in the fridge for a few days after, although eating them fresh from picking is when they taste their best!

Don't forget we have everything you need to grow your own Strawberries here at Thompson's. Shop online or in store.

Good Luck!

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