Outdoor Plants near Greenwich

Looking for outdoor plants near Greenwich? Getting your hands on great plants near Greenwich was never so easy before. Since Thompson’s Plants opened one of our nurseries in the area, gardeners in Greenwich found is quite difficult to rely on any one place for all their plants. It would take several trips to multiple garden centres in and around the town to get all the plants they wanted. With our garden centre in the trade now, these garden owners know they will not have to go anywhere else for their plants at all.

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The variety you can expect in our displays of plants near Greenwich

We boast of having the largest collection of plants in the area for many reasons. Let us share these reasons with you below along with some tough truths about our competition:

  • There are very few genuine garden shops near Greenwich where plants are grown on-premises with high quality, organic fertilisers and top quality soil before they are sold to the customers. At Thompson’s Plants, we have always grown virtually all of our annuals near Greenwich with these factors in mind so that our annuals, such as the lovely Begonias, grow fast and strong and bloom perfectly once before they are rendered flowerless.
  • A lot of garden centres focus on selling annuals only because it keeps customers coming back at least once every year. At Thompson’s Plants, we keep a huge variety in our displays of perennials near Greenwich so garden owners in the town can take home plants that will flower in their season for many years to come. Perennials are low-maintenance in comparison and give great value for the money. Lavender, Geraniums, and Heleniums are most popular among our perennials.
  • Most nurseries keep a very limited variety of roses, fooling those new to gardening into thinking roses can only be categorised based on colour. They keep red roses, blue roses, white roses, and yellow roses in stock and tell their visitors their collection is wonderful. At Thompson’s Plants, we tell our visitors how roses have an incredible number of types based on colour, scents, planting type, and a few other reasons. We keep stock of groundcover roses, climbing roses, hybrid tea roses, English roses near Greenwich and others.
  • The quality of our bulbs is also second to none. While some garden centres may tell you bulbs are just for variety, we can tell you these plants are wonderful for keeping your garden looking alive with colour and fragrances in all seasons and give great value for the money you spend on them. Among all our bulbs, Tulips, Daffodils, Lilies, and Hyacinths are the most popular.
  • You may have been told it is very difficult to control climbing plants and that they just take over whatever is lying around them. In our nursery near Greenwich, we can show you how to manage your climbers easily. We have a wide range of these available in our stock, but our Honeysuckle, Climbing Roses, Ivy, and Jasmine are the most popular.
  • Many garden centres mostly only stock flowering plants. In our nurseries, we make sure we have a large stock of fruits and vegetables in our inventory. These are available in all growing stages, from seeds and roots to full-grown trees. You can take home your favourite vegetables and fruits in any size you want.

Variety with organic quality for the greens in your Greenwich Garden

We also have a wide range of herbs and shrubs to cater for your preferences for growing healthy plants in your garden.

Marketing this variety and quality of our plants is important to us. It makes our plants different from others but it is also important so we can educate our visitors about what questions to ask when they walk into a garden centre to buy plants near Greenwich. Our goal is not only to sell plants but also to develop a community of skilled gardeners and support this wonderful, healthy, and therapeutic hobby in our home region for decades to come.

Ask our experts about plants during your visit to our garden centre near Greenwich

Our experts will be more than happy to answer any of your questions about plants near Greenwich. During your visit, if you tell one of our experts about the design of your garden and your preferences in plants, they will be able to guide you to the best options you have within your budget and also point you in the right direction. Also, read our online tips.

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