Garden Centre near Chartham

Finding a garden centre near Chartham that you can absolutely rely on for your plants, supplies, and all other gardening essentials is a wish for a lot of garden owners in the city. With Thompson’s Plants Garden Centre and its four nurseries within driving distance of Chartham, you can rest assured we will have anything you need related to gardening available on our premises.

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The range of products in our garden centre near Chartham

With our four different nurseries in the county, garden owners in Chartham feel no need to go anywhere else for their gardening needs. However, with this facility, we also make sure we have everything in our inventory that customers might ask for in a garden centre. We often categorise our inventory into the following product lines:

Buy your Plants near Chartham

First and foremost, we have a big range of plants in our garden centre near Chartham. We have small to huge, very young to fully-grown, seasonal to all-year-round plants. No matter what kind of plants you want for your garden, there is little chance you will not find them - or something close to them - in our nurseries. If you like the wildness of climbing plants, we have lots of them in many types available on our premises.

For your grow-your-own passion, we have a variety of fruits and vegetables in the garden centre from seeds and roots to fully grown trees so you can take home your favourite greens in the exact age and maturity you want.

Looking for more colour in your garden? Your garden will look magnificent with bedding bordered by our colourful bulbs. We have many for every season of the year. We also have large collections of annuals, perennials, ramblers, climbers, trees, herbs, and shrubs, not to mention indoor plants and containers to go with them.

We also keep many kinds of seeds for gardens in Chartham, including seeds of flowering plants, fruit plants, vegetable patches, climbers, lawn grass, and bird feeding.

Outdoor furniture near Chartham

So you can have afternoon tea among the blooming flowers on warm summer days, we have a huge collection of outdoor furniture manufactured by trusted brands available in our garden shops. From wooden benches, bistro sets and weave pergolas, sofa sets, and trellis to cast aluminium benches, tables, and garden chairs, we have everything you will need to have a great time in your garden.

Are you looking to do some work in the garden? One of the most important parts of gardening is watering the plants. Without proper watering arrangements that suit the needs of your bedding and plot, you will not be able to grow a perfectly healthy set of plants. We keep a large range of watering tools to assist all kinds of gardens, including basic watering cans in many shapes and sizes, many types of hoses with proper attachments, and fully as fully-automated watering systems for big gardens.

Maintaining your garden near Chartham

Seasoned gardeners understand how important it is to keep their lawns healthy and lush. Yellowing grass and bald patches in the lawn can ruin the impression and beauty of your meticulously prepared garden. With our lawn care products, however, you need not worry something like that will happen to you. Get the top dressings, special fertilisers, and weed-killing products to protect your lawn and keep it green and healthy.

Garden tools are another necessary product category for us. We keep our stock of tools full of variety and quality so that you can take home any gardening tool you might need from your very own garden centre near Chartham.

Don't forget that keeping your plants happy and fed is important as well. Soil fertilisers and compost are among our most popular products. Garden owners trust our selection of high-quality branded compost and fertilisers because we choose organic materials and products over the rest.

Of course, we have a tonne of garden accessories available so you can easily find the kind of sundries, garden lighting, gravel, and decorations you were looking for. Along with these, we keep spare parts for gardening machinery as well as other important garden supplies in our stock.

Bringing the best to your garden in Chartham

Variety is crucial for us, but we ensure we do not overlook quality just so we can have every available item in our inventory. In fact, our strategy for stock selection is the ultimate example of a balance between quality and prices. We ensure we find the best quality products at affordable prices for our customers. We focus on brands that British gardeners have trusted over the years and stock the inventory in our garden centre near Chartham with products most of our seasoned customers recognise and trust.

Getting your gardening products from Thompson’s Plants, you are beginning a relationship that will last for a long time because you will find no reason to leave our garden shop near Chartham for another place.

Getting more than plants in our garden centre near Chartham

We keep our inventory full of variety so we never say no to a customer except when it is a matter of quality. This focus on customer satisfaction also means we provide more value to our visitors than other nurseries near Chartham. This is why you will be surprised to know how knowledgeable our staff is. They are experts in gardening and know a great deal about the products we have. During your visit to one of our nurseries, you can ask them any questions about gardening in general or take advice about what products you should take home. You will not be disappointed.

Visit our garden centre near Chartham soon to get your plants and gardening supplies. You will be amazed at everything we have to offer.

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