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Chilli Weekend - 18th July 2014

This weekend we’ve got some specially grown Chilli plants for sale. With 6 varieties to choose from, these fully grown plants are great value for money at £6.99 each. If you like your Chilli’s hot then come and have a look.

Waterwise Gardening

Jumbo Bedding - July 2014

Our Jumbo Bedding plants are grown as mature varieties, ideal for filling the odd whole or replacing a tired area in your garden. Varieties like Geraniums, Coleus, Rudbeckia, Zinnia, Begonia, Antirrhinum, Nemesia, Marguerites and SunPatiens provide instant gardening.

Summer Colour

Waterwise Gardening - July 2014

Gardening in this heat is a little more challenging, it’s a good job we get the odd downpour to soak our gardens.

Your hanging baskets, pots and planted tubs are going to dry out quickly, so make sure you give them a good water on a daily basis. Follow our top water wise tips here.



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