Delivery Service

We understand that some of the items purchased at our garden centre can be quite large and also very heavy.

All of our garden centres offer a local delivery service as well as help lifting heavy items to your car. Please ask a member of staff for details.

Plant Guarantee

All of our hardy plants are covered by our 3-year plant guarantee.

This means that our customers can buy our hardy plants with confidence, knowing that they can rely on the quality of plants that we produce here at Thompsons.

If you buy a hardy plant from us and it's not up to standard then we will replace the plant with another or refund the money for you. We will require a proof of purchase.

Locally Grown

Plants Locally grown by Thompson's give our customers a fresher, better quality of plant, with the benefits of environmentally friendly local production and a healthier local economy.

As 90% of our plants are locally grown on our very own nurseries we are able to offer our gardening customers a wider choice of varieties as well as the more unusual plants. We are constantly sourcing new and better varieties.

Look our for the locally grown logo, pictured above, on our plant labels and signs.

Helping the Environment

Thompsons Garden Centres strive to recycle plastic plant pots where possible. When our supplier delivers new pot's to our nurseries, old ones are collected for plastic recycling.

Polystyrene and plastic carry trays are saved to be used on the nursery or for our customers to carry their purchases out to the car. After doing all we can to reuse pots and trays any surplus to requirements are recycled in the appropriate way.

Water Saving

Our nurseries are able to store rainwater in large tanks to enable us to re-use on our plants. This has dramatically cut down our on site usage.

Peat Policy

At Thompson's, we are constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint and any adverse effects that our business may have on the environment. Specifically, we are: Stocking a larger range of peat free compost and growing media for 2019. Dealing only with suppliers dedicated to reducing the use of peat in their products. Providing information on our signage regarding peat content so customers can make reasoned and educated decisions.