What Do You Want From Your Garden?

What Do You Want From Your Garden?

Now that you've established a little knowledge of your garden, you need to think about what you want from your garden. How much work do you want to put into it? Do you want a low maintenance garden or perhaps a garden that will impress your friends and family? Do you want a calm, relaxing spot or elaborate planting schemes that burst with colour?

Not many people begin from scratch so start by focussing on what you've got. The lawn is generally the centrepiece of most gardens, it can provide a place to relax or a place to play in. Decide on how much lawn you want, perhaps taking into account the size of the lawn and what it would take to maintain it. Smaller patches of grass may not be worth keeping at all, so perhaps consider replacing with stone chippings for low maintenance.

If you're looking to Renovate an old lawn or lay turf then follow our step by step lawn guides here.

Look at the plants that you've already got, deciding which ones you like the look of or ones you not too keen on. Identify areas in your garden that you'd like to see with a bit more colour, or to fill a gap or two. Are there particular colours that you'd like to see in your garden.

Choosing the right plants to answer some of these questions is a daunting prospect for a gardening beginner. Use our guides on the How To Achieve Your Goal page, to help you make an informed choice. We also included Planting Guides and pruning guides to help you on your way.