What Type of Garden Have You Got?

What Type of Garden Have You Got?

Whether you're starting from scratch or you have an established garden, one of the first things a beginner gardener should do is determine what type of garden they have.

Knowing your garden is very important as it has an impact on what plants you could be planting in it. The last thing you want is to buy lots of beautiful looking plants and have them die on you because you've planted them in the wrong place or they simply don't like the soil they're planted in. 

If your garden is covered in shade for large parts of the day, you need to think about buying plants that like being in a shady spot. Perhaps you have trees or buildings that create shade. Alternatively, you might have a south facing garden that sees large periods of sunshine and very little shade. Spend some time in your garden, making notes on where the sun and shade fall at various time in the day. This could prove valuable information to you when choosing your plants.

Soil type has another important part to play in your garden. If the soil in your garden is poor then your plants will struggle to establish and will produce disappointing results. If you're lucky you will have a medium-textured or loamy soil. It will have good crumb structure that you'll have to do very little to. To find out your soil type follow our guide here.

The size of your garden can determine the plants you should purchase. If you have a large garden the chances are you can buy plants on impulse, knowing that you'll be able to find a suitable site. For those with medium or small gardens, you need to be looking at the size of the plant you're going to purchase. Larger shrubs may outgrow their surroundings and look out of place in a small garden. When purchasing, always look at the label for the growth of the plant to see how it will fit into your garden once fully grown.