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Climbers are a great way to add a bit of height to your garden. You can use them to help cover unsightly garden fences or brick walls. Try trailing up and over a pergola or arch.

Grown on our very own nursery we can offer you almost 90 varieties of climber. For further information please come and talk to us.

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Actinidia del. Auto fertile

Vigorous woody stemmed climber. Heart-shaped leaves, bearing cup-shaped white flowers followed by edible, hairy, brown fruits. Self pollinating. Height: 10m Spread: Growth Rate/Habit:


Actinidia kolomikta

Attractive climber with dark green leaves, variegated with pink and white. Very fragrant cup-shaped white flowers. Height: 4m , vigorous climber. Plant in full sun/partial shade


Akebia Quinata

A semi-evergreen climber. Attractive dark green leaves above blue-green beneath, purple tinged in winter. Height: 10m Spread: 3-7m Plant in full sun/partial shade.


Ampelopsis bre. Elegans

A vigorous climber with dark green, heavily mottled white and pink leaves. Small green flowers followed by attractive pink-purple, later clear blue fruit. Height: 5m. Plant in full sun.


Billardiera longiflora

Climber with deep green leaves. Pendent bell-shaped, pale green flowers followed by usually deep purple-blue berries. Height: 2m Plant in full sun/partial shade.


Cissus striata

A fast growing evergreen woody stemmed tendril climber. Lustrous green leaves. Half Hardy. Height: 10m, vigorous/climbing. Plant in fertile soil in full sun.

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Coronilla Valentina Citrina

A form with pale yellow flowers. Free flowering throughout the growing season. Small shrub with attractive glaucous foliage. Best planted in full sun. Height 1m, Spread 1m.

Coronilla Variegata

Coronilla Valentina Glauca Variegata

Leaves conspicuously and prettily variegated with creamy white. Produces a mass of rich yellow flowers, with the fragrance of ripe peaches. Height: 1m Spread: 1m


Eccremocarpus scaber

A vigorous climber with boldly veined, light green leaves and orange-red tubular flowers. Height 3-5m Spread: 1-2m. Vigorous/Climbing. Plant in full sun & most soil types.


Fallopia baldschuanicum

A rampant climber with stems up to 12m long. Large panicles of flower are made up of masses of individually smaller ones. White flower through Summer and Autumn. Height: 12m. Plant in any site.


Hedera alg. Gloire de Marengo

A vigorous climber with light silvery green leaves, variegated creamy white. Can be grown as a houseplant. Height: 4m. Vigorous/Climbing Plant in partial shade and most soil types.

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Hedera col. Dentata Variegata

A vigorous climber with light green leaves, mottled grey-green and margined creamy white. Can also be used as ground cover. Height: 5m Vigorous/Climbing. Plant in partial shade.


Hedera colchica Paddy's Pride

A vigorous climber with mid-green leaves, boldly splashed with creamy yellow. Can also be used as ground cover. Height: 5m. Vigorous/Climbing Plant in partial shade and most soil types.


Hedera helix Goldchild

A vigorous climber with small grey-green leaves, with broad yellow margins. Can be grown as a houseplant. Height: 1m. Plant in partial shade and in most soil types.


Hydrangea ano. ssp. petiolaris

A climbing shrub with dark green leaves turning yellow in autumn and domed clusters of white flowers in summer. Height: 5m Spread: 3m Plant in full sun/partial shade, in fertile soil.

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Hydrangea Seemanii

Hardy evergreen self clinging climber with bronzy-red young leaves which turn glossy dark green. Creamy white lace cap type scented flowers in summer. Likes any soils in full sun or full shade. Ht:10m-Sp:10m if left unpruned.

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